Investor Relations Office

Investor Relations Office - Information to Investors

The Investor Relations Office reports directly to CEMG’s Executive Board of Directors.

The Investor Relations Office has the mission of providing information to investors, rating agencies and the market, in general, in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to publicly listed companies.

The Investor Relations Office’s main duties are to provide information to the Supervisory Authorities and the market, stemming from the legal requirements applicable to CEMG, and to address the information requests of investors, financial analysts and other market agents, regarding financial information and other publicly available information relating to CEMG’s activity, and to assist the Executive Board of Directors in all matters pertaining to its status as a publicly listed company.

The Investor Relations Office contact details are broadly made available. All public information relating to the Montepio Group, of which CEMG is part, can be requested to the Investor Relations Office, by phone (+351 210 002 520), e-mail: or mail or letter (Address: Rua Castilho, 5, 7ºpiso, Sala 56, 1250-066 Lisboa).

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