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Our Mission

Montepio - Our Mission

As the largest mutual association and one of the largest financial institutions in the country, Montepio has a dual commitment to society. As an institution in the social economy sector, its mission is to meet needs for additional welfare, provide health services and support Portuguese charities and more vulnerable members of the population. As a bank, its mission is to contribute to economic growth and assist families, companies and business projects, in line with the best social responsibility practice.

Montepio's policies and actions therefore aim to foster sustainable development in society and establish a balance between economic growth and social equality without neglecting the environment, while valuing relations with stakeholders, especially members, customers, investors and employees.

Where governance policy is concerned, Montepio is guided by principles of high ethical and deontological standards and is based on rules of transparency, equality and responsibility. These principles and rules are set out in the Code of Conduct that applies to all Montepio Group companies.

Diligent, prudent, meticulous, transparent management in the protection and valuation of assets under management and the interests of members and customers has proved essential in overcoming growing challenges in the current scenario and maintaining the confidence of members and the market.

These are the fundamental aspects of sustainability were the Group's growing attitude of openness to the market and society, seeking to identify opportunities and situations in which its contribution could help minimise problems and value resources and capacities, setting medium-term goals and strategic guidelines to ensure sustainable growth and the creation of value, and the improvements made to internal control systems, with emphasis on risk management and greater functional integration of management with a view to greater efficiency.

The brand's good reputation and members' confidence in the institution and the group, based on the reinforcement of its sustainability policy, especially its prudent, conservative management profile, constitute strategic aspects stimulating the performance achieved.

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