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Corporate Volunteer Programme

Montepio - Corporate Volunteer Programme

The EU declared 2011 the European Year of Volunteering to encourage efforts towards active citizenship. In this context, Montepio and the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security formed a partnership that participated in working groups and intensified the Montepio volunteer programme.

Several meetings of volunteers were held to foster its growth and commitment. The Board of Directors encourages employees to participate in the programme's corporate volunteering initiatives. It facilitates projects that charities wish to undertake but for which they do not always have the human or financial resources.

It develops the volunteers' personal and professional skills, increases motivation and brings Montepio closer to charitable initiatives in the country.

The number of volunteers already increased 27.3% to 800 employees, 688 of whom took an active part in campaigns, thereby making Montepio a key organisation in this area, with the largest number of employees interested in active citizenship.

Where specialised volunteering was concerned, 23 joint Junior Achievement campaigns were held during 2011, eight more than in 2010, in partnership with 16 organisations. Hundreds of young people and institutions benefitted.

As part of the European Year of Volunteering, Fundação Montepio and Lusitania – Companhia de Seguros set up the Prémio Voluntariado Jovem Montepio (Montepio Youth Volunteer Award) worth 25 000 euros. It went to an association combating hunger in the city by collecting food from restaurants and distributing it to disadvantaged people. The award will enable the organisation to obtain the resources it needs to expand its work.

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