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Fundação Montepio

Montepio Foundation

The foundation's work is done through the Social Responsibility Office. Its growing visibility and the extension of its scope of intervention required an increase in human resources and intensification of its action in analysing requests and projects, drafting proposals and monitoring sponsored initiatives.

Social solidarity activities have been undertaken by Fundação Montepio, which plays an essential role as an organisation forming cooperation relationships and channelling support to the community from its own annual budget, commissions from the Mais Vida credit card and voluntary donations from personal income tax transferred by the tax authority.

In 2011, more than 600 proposals and projects were analysed and around 300 visits and assessment meetings held, making it possible to provide technical and financial support to 175 institutions.

As in previous years, agreements with a number of private and third sector organisations were assessed and renewed and their compliance was assessed in close cooperation with the commercial network.

External activities were not neglected and Montepio continuously participate in several events  in order to publicise its social responsibility work and also guarantee active participation in bodies such as Grupo de Reflexão para a Cidadania Empresarial (GRACE), Junior Achievement, Centro Nacional de Fundações, the European Savings Banks Social Responsability Committee, Associação de Responsabilidade Social Portugal, Rede Local de Ação Social de Lisboa and Conselho Português para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável (BCSD).

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