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Montepio - Microcredit

Montepio has helped support entrepreneurship by stimulating the creation of jobs among populations with greater difficulty accessing the labour market and providing access to credit and technical support for setting up and consolidating business projects via microcredit.

Montepio employees volunteered to act as hands-on tutors to help and monitor entrepreneurs to draft business plans.

In 2011 Montepio stepped up its support for projects and partnerships in the area of microcredit, aimed at personalised, socially sustainable finance.

In 2011, implementation and monitoring of microcredit at Montepio underwent changes, in that it was extended to nationwide coverage with central monitoring to guarantee uniform action and procedures.

A microcredit mailbox was set up for digital documents and files and the internal procedures were improved by appointing new personnel involved in the process, such as the Microcredit Manager.

Underlying our strategy in this field are partnerships with third sector bodies and agreed lines of finance that meet the needs of people with an enterprising spirit who do not have the means to put their ideas into practice.

Montepio therefore renewed its agreement with Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Lisboa, which currently has around 150 applications for this area, as reported in the press, and its partnership with the European Anti-Poverty Network Portugal (REAPN) in the north of the country.

Other partnerships with different organisations are also being studied, along with ways of boosting microcredit.

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